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What is PharmacyPal?

PharmacyPal is an innovative online prescription ordering service that makes it quick and easy for a customer to fill their prescription at a convenient time and location, compare stock and availability between local pharmacies, and have that script ready and waiting to be picked up.

Developed by two experienced pharmacists who understand the challenges and opportunities associated with digital pharmacy services, PharmacyPal offers every pharmacy across Australia an opportunity to access an innovative online marketplace. Natasha Namdarian and Jennifer Tan offer decades of collective community and clinical pharmacy experience, and they understand that investing in app development, setting up an online ordering system and providing instant payment services can be daunting and expensive. That’s why they’ve done the work for you.

PharmacyPal offers you and your customers unparalleled flexibility. New customers can easily order medications from different pharmacies based on their current needs, and pharmacies can update pricing and availability information quickly and easily. Access new revenue streams and increase brand recognition in a cost-effective manner.

PharmacyPal was designed for you and your customers – bringing together quality, service and convenience

The PharmacyPal Team

Established by experienced pharmacists who understand the opportunities and challenges for today’s community pharmacies

Natasha Namdarian (B.Pharm, Grad Cert Pharmacy Practice) has spent the past ten years of her career as a pharmacist and pharmacist manager in community pharmacy, and her experience spans all the well-known brands – Terry White, Amcal, Guardian, ChemMart, Priceline and more. As a result, not only does Natasha have well-developed expertise in community health service delivery and clinical practice, she understands the complexity of pharmacy operations across the entire supply chain and workflow.

In 2016 Natasha, together with friend and colleague Jennifer Tan, recognised the need for pharmacies to invest in online platforms to meet consumer demand while also understanding the barriers to entry for many time poor pharmacy owners. Together they co-founded Instapharm in recognition of this growing need for online pharmacy services.

Jennifer Tan (B.Pharm, MPH) has spent the past ten years working as a Clinical Pharmacist and Team Leader for leading Melbourne hospitals. She’s worked collaboratively with a diverse array of stakeholders to introduce new digital operations that enhance pharmacy services, and has developed a high level of IT proficiency. Jennifer knows how to bring together the different needs of everyone within the healthcare ecosystem – patients, medical practitioners, pharmacists and senior management – to work towards shared goals.

Natasha and Jennifer have established strong professional networks and have tremendous insight into pharmacy operations, systems and management structures. Rather than setting up yet another pharmacy, they’ve decided to focus on providing you – valued community pharmacists – with an innovative online marketplace to reach out to new and existing customers.



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