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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PharmacyPal is an online prescription service designed to meet your needs. Upload your script and find the pharmacy that best meets your unique needs – whether that’s the pharmacy that’s closest to your home or work, offers delivery services, has extended business hours to suit your schedule, offers a competitive price or stocks your preferred brand.
You can order your medications at any pharmacies registered with PharmacyPal. They will appear in the App when you are searching for a pharmacy to send in your scanned prescription.
It is FREE to download the App.
In additional to the cost of the prescriptions, credit card fees and service fees may apply.
You will be able to pay by your credit card. The transactions will be facilitated by SqID, an Australian payment gateway company with military grade system affiliated with a major bank in Australia. More information on SqID.
You can sign up straightaway after you download the App.
You can download the App by searching ‘PharmacyPal’ in App Store (Apple iPhone) or Play Store (Android).
We use SSL and encryption software to ensure date is stored safely and securely. Our hosting is with Amazon AWS web service to ensure the highest security measures.
Your prescription details will be sent to pharmacies you’ve selected to check for price and availability. Once you’ve decided on the pharmacy most suitable to dispense your medication, all your details will be removed from the other pharmacies and only available for your chosen pharmacy to dispense your medication safely. Privacy Policy
You can specify items you want from the prescription by entering the name of the medications in the text box “I want specific item” after you have taken a photo of your prescription.
Yes, you can unclick ‘I am happy with the Pharmacy Brand’ before you send your prescription to check price and availability.
Yes, you can choose to have your medications delivered anywhere via the App. The cost of delivery will be determined by the pharmacies you have selected as part of checking price and availability.
You can order prescriptions for others by creating profiles for them. Please note that as the account user, the pharmacist may need to contact you to obtain more information on their behalf.
Yes, according to national and state regulations, it is currently a legal requirement to provide the original prescriptions which is considered a legal document. Without it, the pharmacy may not be able to provide you the medication.
Contact the pharmacy immediately provide your full name and order ID. The pharmacy should be able to reverse the charges.
Unfortunately, due to state regulations, medication cannot be returned once it has left the pharmacy. This is because the storage conditions of the product cannot be guaranteed.
Yes, you or the person you are ordering the prescription on behalf of will need to receive the delivered medication in person and provide the original prescriptions upon collection. If you missed the delivery, please contact the pharmacy to make alternative arrangements.
Yes (if applicable) as you will be entitled for PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme) subsidies and depending on your concession status, the price of your medication can be different.


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