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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PharmacyPal is an innovative online prescription ordering service that makes it quick and easy for a customer to fill their prescription at a convenient time and location, compare stock and availability between local pharmacies, and have that script ready and waiting to be picked up.
PharmacyPal will seamlessly incorporate with your existing workflow, and once you’ve set up your account funds will clear automatically on a daily basis. PharmacyPal will help improve your cash flow, increase your brand’s reach and potentially grow your market share – all without having to invest in your own app or the related IT infrastructure for your pharmacy.
It doesn’t cost anything to register your pharmacy with PharmacyPal. We charge based on transactions. Please see the Service Agreement for Pharmacies available during the sign up process.
You can sign up via and follow the prompts to the Pharmacy Sign Up page. Once you have entered your details and set up an account, you will receive an email from SqID asking for security information to confirm your payment account. Once done, you will receive a verification from PharmacyPal and you’ll be ready to go!
Directly into your nominated bank account via your SqID account.
SqID is our Australian ePayment gateway partner. They will facilitate payments directly into your nominated bank account.
Let them know they can find the App in the IOS Appstore and Android Playstore. They can also find more information at
Patient creates an account, take a photo of their prescription and can send it up to three pharmacies where they will wait for reply on stock availability and price. They will confirm with payment to their pharmacy of choice and then pick it up or get it delivered upon handing over their prescription.
You will receive notifications on your desktop when a new order has been sent through.
You will receive a notification through the web app stating “Order Confirmed”. This means payment has been made directly to you only for that order.
As long as the order hasn’t updated as “picked up” or “delivered” this can be done easily. Go into the order details and click “Cancel Order”. The appropriate exchange funds will occur automatically and the patient will receive their refund directly onto the card they paid for.
If status has already been updated as “picked up” or “delivered”, please contact
The above method still applies. If they have any questions, advise them to contact
We use SSL and encryption software to ensure data is stored safely and securely. Our hosting is with AWS Amazon web service to ensure the highest security measures.
No. Once an order has been confirmed and payment been made to your pharmacy, only you now have access to that particular order.
Dispense as you normally would. Then either attach the repeat form when the patient brings in the prescription, attach the repeat form when you deliver the medication or let them know you can keep it on file!



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